It is officially the season of “SWEET”, a few glorious weeks dedicated solely to our favorite rainbow of red, pink and purple, sparkling hearts, kind words and compliments and loads of candy!  You better believe were in heaven over here getting ready to help you shower all of your favorites with great Valentine goodies. 

As we bask in all of this sweetness, we are mindful of all those who could really use a surprise to put an extra smile on their face. So, this year we are starting our first ever valentine-inspired “Secret Sweetgrams”.  We are going to send 20 Sweetgrams to someone YOU know who could really use a big box of sweetness to cheer them up. Is there someone in your life that is going through something difficult? Are they dealing with health problems or devoting themselves to caring for someone who is? Do you know someone who recently lost someone special and their heart is breaking?  Did they have a bummer year, an especially hard holiday season or maybe they’re just having a tough time keeping their chin up?  Send us a note to let us know why you’d like to nominate them to receive a beautiful surprise - black & white striped box of sweet, sweet goodness - delivered to their door step.

How to Nominate:

Email your nomination to with the subject: Secret Sweetgrams

        1.  Include your nominee’s full name, age and mailing address.

        2.  Let us know why they need a secret Sweetgram this year. Feel free to let us know a     little bit about them, especially if you know what type of candy they like.

        3.  Please include your full name and how you know the person you are nominating.

          The deadline for entry is February 6th, 2017.

          We will be sending 20 “Secret Sweetgrams” the week of February 6th.  The Secret Sweetgrams will arrive in our signature black & white striped boxes overflowing with sweetness.  They will include a "secret" note reading, “A little box of sweetness to brighten up your day.” 

          Feel free to email us with additional questions at