Posted by Melissa K.

We had a ton of fun with this leprechaun hunt last year.  This year we are buried in snow {and likely lots of mud} so we're not sure if he will visit and leave all of his gold behind.

If you are thinking of doing a hunt of your own all you really need are chocolate coins and some ribbon scraps - we used rainbow pieces to stick with the theme.  Our backyard is wooded and has lots of spots that are likely places for leprechauns but this activity can be done anywhere, inside your house, a classroom even in the garage.  We tied the ribbons on branches leading down our back hill to guide the kiddos to where the leprechaun may have dropped gold on the way to hiding his "super stashes".  We dropped loose coins Hansel & Gretel style near the super stashes and used packaged gold coins for the super stashes.  We have some really mossy trees that made for great stash hide outs and the kiddos were thrilled. 

Let us know if you give it a try and how you put your own spin on this fun tradition!



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