Posted by Melissa K.

We're feeling pretty lucky to have these yummy rainbow sour belts at our fingertips.  As we prepare for our own St. Patrick's Day festivities we are always trying to make every dish and drink a whole lot sweeter.  These rainbow sour belts add the tastiest rainbow touch to drive the festive theme over the top.  These belts aren't just adorable, they pack the sweetest sour punch that sure makes you feel like you found the pot o' gold!

Click here to purchase some for your favorite St. Patty's Day beverage.

Irish Mule {with a side of sugar}

8oz Ginger Ale

2oz Jameson Irish Whiskey

1/2oz Lime Juice

Add green food coloring if you desire

Lots of Ice

Skewer two accordion-folded rainbow belts to garnish


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